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After you register your company at the TV Globo Supplies System, you'll receive an e-mail with an invitation to access our system for the first time. This e-mail contains the user name (supplier's email) and an automatic password, those credentials should be used on the initial screen. In order to learn more details, you should visit our manuals at the "Supplier Manual" section.

You should send an e-mail to informing the name of the company and username.

Yes, if it has an internet connection. Visit

TV Globo reserves the right to invite companies that it considers relevant to participate in its competition processes.

Optimization and standardization of processes, transparency, security, reduction of costs, traceability, increased opportunities and access to information such as supply history and payments made.

No, the use of the system is completely free of charge.

You can only quote through the Supplies System if you have a username and password. If you do not have one yet, please await to be contacted by Globo Supplies Department.

Your login is the e-mail informed by your company during the registration,for example , and the password is issued by the system. At your first access you will be asked to change your password.

You should contact TV Globo Supplies Departament:

You should contact TV Globo Supplies Departament:

You should contact TV Globo Supplies Departament:

Please contact the buyer through the RFQ messages link.

Yes. Go to our home page and click on Supplier Manual.

Yes. In the registration process, you just have to inform a different e-mail address for each user. There is a limit of three (3) users for each company.